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Welcome to Bi-Ki Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, a well established company in India since 1999, has been dedicated to make a better world through diverse business which has an unbeatable edge and has earned a reputation of being a leader in services to the Textile Dyestuffs fraternity in the last 14 years. Providing quality Reactive dyestuffs to our valued front ranking national and international buyers and full services embedded culture of enhancing life with the chemistry of colors and with high customer satisfaction.

Due to our innovative products we have been able to accelerate our journey and establish the different industries. State of the art production machineries and laboratory apparatus above all innovative attitude make us front runner of relevant field.

Boosting of a young dedicated & enthusiastic, yet experienced group of management & employees is expanding its horizon.

Having established itself firmly in India is gearing itself to meet the challenges of global competition by venturing into various overseas markets.

Believe that growth is built on doing better than what is good enough, rising above individual limitations and transgressing the borders at circumstantial impediments. Humility, reliability and trustworthiness have always been the driving factors behind the growth of Bi-Ki Dyes & Chemicals Put Ltd.

The positive initiative, innovative motion, sound hard working team & superior business principles made it possible for the company to grow to such a height in a short span of time. Owing to our skilled experts and excellent products, we have established a colossal base of clients across National & International Front Ranking Buyers & Consumers.

Under the meritorious direction of our both promoter 'Mr. Bijit Saha Sr Mr. Kiran Patel, we have successfully established ourselves as a dominant firm in the industry. Their excellent managerial skills, commendable knowledge and motivating attitude have enabled us to coordinate all business activities in a streamline manner.



‘Bi-Ki’ dyes & chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd., is dedicated to developing innovative technologies and efficient process that create new. markets, enrich people's choice and continue to make Bi-Ki a global player.
Vision for the new decade is "inspire the world. Create the future."Bi-Ki's three key strengths: "new technology,"Innovative Products," and "Creative Solutions."



*Sustainable development of our company
* Committed to developing a wide range of innovative products and sincere services
*HonouringCommitments and focusing on Results
*Byensuring synergy between businesses within the organization
*’Bi-Ki' is constantly striving to create exciting new world of dyestuffs that can experienced on a verity of different product


To achieve solution of cost factor for our valued consumer 'Bi-Ki' is guided by a simple, strong values and high ethical standards that inform our work every day.

To devote our talent and technology to create superior products and services that continues to a better global society. We strive to help people live better lives and enriching lives through innovation


Environment & Safety

The environment is a significant of the ecosystem of values creation our Quality ethos. We see ourselves responsible for not only product quality, but also ambient quality in the vicinity of our manufacturing facilities.To start with, "Bi-Ki" products themselves are eco-friendly. To ensure that the manufacturing process has minimum impact on the surrounding environs too, there are adequate measures in place like effluent treatment systems. Environment. broadly defined, also include working conditions. All necessary safety and healthy precautions have been taken to nurture productivity and peace of mind of our people.

Our Team

We are backed by a pro ficient team of pro fessionals, which has been enable us to establish ourselves as a preeminent Firm - in the market. In order to maintain the high level of quality, we select only deserving candidates through a rugged selection process. Moreover, our team keeps a stringent surveillance on the changing trends of the market and offer products, accordingly.In addition to this, we have experienced R&D experts, who help us in improving the quality of products by using updated advanced technologies.

For smooth execution of production process , we have bisected our team in following sections : * Technicians
* Engineers
* Quality controllers
* R&D experts
* Warehousing& packaging experts
* Skilled laborers
These all units work in close coordination with each other in order to achieve predetermined goal of our organization.