VS Dyes are widely used for exhaust dyeing. They react chemically under suitable conditions with Cellulose based materials in presence of alkali, these dyes react with the hydroxyl group of cellulose and form firm, covalent linkages, yielding brilliant shades with good fastness properties. It is possible to use mixture of Vinyl Sulphone Based Dyes for getting combination shades. For this application Vinyl Sulphone base Dyes of similar properties are to be used. Reactive dyes having vinyl sulphone as the reactive group. The range offers

​1. Very good light and washes fastness. Easy to wash off.

2. Excellent white effect on dyed grounds by discharge and resist printing method.

3. It has high stability in dry state and neutral solution.

​4. High solubility is water and suitable for both Exhaust / Pad batch Dyeing and discharge printing.

​5. Meet the requirement of major ecology standards.