'RGB' & 'RR' dye containing two or more than two different groups in each dye-molecule due to their varsetile Reactive Groups they are less sensitive to variations of the application-parameters such as liquor ratio, temperature, electrolyte, alkali and time. 
Some advantages of 'RGB' & 'RR' dyes have :-
1. Most suitable for use in exhaust, cold, pad-batch and continues processes. 
2. High soluble and high level of fixation is possible by yielding fast and hues. 
3. They have higher all around fastness properties. 
4. Excellent wash-off properties. 
5. Good wash fastness. 
6. Low staining on multiple fibers. 
Key to Abbreviations 
ND = Non Dischargeable 
D = Dischargeable 
G = Good 
M = Medium
F = Fair 
P = Poor 
S = Suitable 
NS = Non Suitable 
LS = Less Suitable