'ME' Dyes

Many of the new reactive dyes are bifunctional with identical or different reactive groupings in the dye molecule. Bifunctional dyes carry two reactive groups. Bifunctional dyes with good dyeing properties are created by the careful selection of the right reactive groups and right chromophores. It can easily be assessed that dyes with two identical reactive groups and dyes with two different reactive groups exhibit a higher fixation yield than-dyes with one group. The dyes were conventional Dichlorotriazine type, with the end condensation of B-sulphate ethyl sulphone to have different type of reactive group in a single molecule.

Advantages of bifunctional dyes

  1. They offer enhanced reproducibility especially for medium to pale shades.
  2. They have high fixation rate. Excellent dyeing efficiency.
  3. Due to triazine ring system, they offer level dyeing performance for even non critical substrates.
  4. They have high fastness profile especially the washing characteristics.
  5. They have a brighter range of colors as compared to VS dyes.

Key to Abbreviations

  • ND = Non Dischargeable
  • D = Dischargeable
  • G = Good
  • M = Medium
  • F = Fair
  • P = Poor
  • S = Suitable
  • NS = Non Suitable
  • L = Less Suitable
Dyeing On Cotton



'ME' Dyes




Reactive Yellow ME4GL Yellow 160 129898-77-7
Reactive Yellow MERL Yellow 145 93050-80-7
Reactive Orange ME2RL Orange 122 -
Reactive Red BSID Red 111 -
Reactive Red ME3BL Red 194 -
Reactive Red ME4BL Red 195 -
Reactive Red ME6BL Red 196/250 -
Reactive Red ME3GL Red 223 -
Reactive Navy Blue ME2GL Blue 194 145017-98-7
Reactive Navy Blue ME2RL Blue 248 -
Reactive Blue BRF Blue 221 -
Reactive Navy Blue BF Blue 222 -