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Welcome To Bi-Ki Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

BI-KI DYES AND CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. is one of the leading dyes manufacturer exporter of textile dyes. It is having its own capability of R&D, production and providing professional services. The Company was established in 1999, and its headquarter is located in Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of India. The Company researches, develops and manufacturers full range of REACTIVE DYES & DIRECT DYES.

The goal was to indigenously develop and market a comprehensive range of Dyes, pigments and Intermediates for various Industries, Saarthi Inc. was formed with an emphasis on in- house R&D & Q.C. to develop more and more products, keeping the customer needs in to focus and quality under constant vigil. With a well experienced marketing group and our efficient workers we are continually growing and creating new goals to achieve.

The motto of our Company is to serve our customers with the best quality material and in order to do this; we have been receptive to the changing trends on domestic as well as international level. Our existence is now at global scale and we have acquired a series of highly reputed clientele. With an ambition to grow, we have taken this colorful path with your support, it can become a fun and a fruitful journey. 

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We will be our customer’s most valued business partner.


Our objective is to competently integrate enterprise methods to stay pertinent in tomorrow’s world.

We promote honesty, integrity and openness in all we do. And we do encourage innovation to meet challenges.

Our Strength

*Capabilities to develop and manufacture different dyes and other products to meet the market and our partner’s demand.